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Academy tailored for professionals involved in food quality control, quality management in food safety within the industry. Provides a range of webinars and workshops designed especially for the food industry community.

Upcoming Webinars

Tailored to NEMIS Academys' Service Areas

Stay informed and updated with our range of webinars and workshops designed especially for the food industry community.

Mario Hupfeld Environmental monitoring
Afraid of Recalls? Environmental monitoring can make you safe! (A vision for factory hygiene)
  • Mario Hupfeld
Stephanie Weinand Recall
3 Ways to Take the Crisis Out of Recalls
  • Stephanie Weinand
Lukasz Richter Phages in Food Safety
Bacteriophages: a New Opportunity in Food Safety
  • Łukasz Richter
Stefania Cesarano HACCP
Unveiling Food Safety Excellence: Beyond HACCP - A Comprehensive Webinar
  • Stefania Cesarano
Philipp Osterwalder Digitalization of QMS
Four steps to successful digitalization of quality management in the food industry
  • Philipp Osterwalder
Patrick Mester VBNC
The ability of L. monocytogenes to enter into a viable but non-culturable (VBNC) state
  • Patrick Mester
Dr. Jeff Banks Root Cause Analysis
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Recovery from Microbiology Incidents
  • Dr. Jeff Banks
Nemis academy posts (23)-1 Foodborne Illness Litigation
Foodborne Illness Litigation
  • Bill Marler
Dr. Julian Ihssen Escherichia coli
Escherichia coli: A hygiene indicator underappreciated in food industry?
  • Dr. Julian Ihssen
Prof. Bizhan Pourkomailian Incident management
Crisis Management and Incident Handling in the Food & Beverage Sector
  • Prof. Bizhan Pourkomailian
Sterling Crew Food Authenticity
Food Authenticity – Mitigating Emerging Risks and Threats
  • Sterling Crew
  • Aug 14,2024
  • 14:00 (GMT+2)
The Importance of Academy

Our academy isn't just about networking; it's a hub for delving deep into the realm of food-borne pathogens. The goal? To foster knowledge sharing and work collaboratively towards a healthier, pathogen-free world.

Industry-Specific Networking

Connect with like-minded professionals ranging from laboratory specialists to food scientists, creating a robust network for collaboration and growth.

Practical Skill Development

Engage in hands-on training sessions tailored for the food industry, enhancing both practical and theoretical skills for real-world applications.

Access to Renowned Experts

Learn directly from industry leaders and specialists, ensuring that the knowledge gained is both relevant and cutting-edge.

Collaborative Learning

Work alongside experts in the field, promoting a collaborative learning environment and fostering innovative solutions to industry challenges.

Exclusive Resource Access

Members get privileged access to a resource library, including research papers, articles, and training modules tailored to the food sector's needs.

Global Perspective

Engage in discussions and collaborations with international peers, gaining a global perspective on food safety and quality.

Resource Library

Your Hub for Advanced Training Resources

Dive into our comprehensive resource library, meticulously curated for professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about food safety. Whether you're looking to enhance your expertise, stay updated with industry trends, or simply learn more about foodborne pathogens and safety measures, the NEMIS Academy resource library is your go-to destination. 

Partnerships & Collaborations

Collaborative Efforts for a Pathogen-Free World

In collaboration with a select group of specialists, we offer a range of dedicated training sessions, ensuring that our community always has access to the best. Meet our partners:

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